About Us

We provide a loving, encouraging environment which will foster learning experiences from group participation to individual creativity to the development of new skills, while guiding the child to obtain greater independence, social competence and self-fulfillment.
Our goal is to provide your child with the tools necessary to begin their formal education in school. We offer half day programs for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

  • Play Group - 18 months+
  • Nursery - 3 years & above
  • Lower KG - 4 years & above
  • Upper KG - 5 years
  • Day Care - 8months+ to 12 years
  • Activity Center - 18months+ to 5 years
  • Skill Center - 18months+ to 5 years


  • We believe children to express themselves creatively through play activities and interaction with others
  • We offer developmental program based on learning through these interactions
  • Appropriate learning activities are planned according to the development need and abilities of each child
  • Through "FREE PLAY" a child learns to share, co-operate, wait for a turn, listen and follow directions

Our Programs

Through, "GROUP LEARNING" language development and creativity are stimulated and patience is learnt. Indoor and Outdoor play helps large muscle development and co-ordination.
Children can benefit from being with other children. Although younger children are more liely to engage in "PARALLEL PLAY" - play by themselves in a group-they do enjoy the company of others. Children also practice communicating with others and begin to develop social skills.